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Cheyanne Marie Enterprises is my business model that rose from my desire to give back to underserved children. My first project is to create a nonprofit co-op, where artists and educator hold classes, rehearsals, and performances inexpensively. This will allow local artists the opportunity to serve our underprivileged communities that desire to learn and experience but do not possess the funding to pay for it.


If it weren't for others in my life encouraging me to reach farther, I would not be where I am. I was blessed with opportunities to learn and grow as an artist by people who believed in my dream. Even when I sometimes was unsure where to go, I had a support system that allowed me to shoot for the moon.

Dancing Hands


Creative professionals working together to invent, inspire and implement opportunities for our underserved communities.

Thank you for your constant support.

If everyone I knew donated $1 today, we could change the world tomorrow.

Music Room

"Reach for your dreams, aim for the stars and never give up on what's in your heart!"

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